Employment & Industrial Relations

We act for employers, employees and subcontractors in disputes about entitlements, workplace injuries, occupational health and safety, breach of confidential information and diversion of business opportunities by employees.

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Our relevant experience includes:

  • Acted for plaintiffs in various Supreme Court proceedings against former employees, for injunctive relief for breach of restraint of trade and non-solicitation clauses in employment contracts
  • Acted for plaintiffs in various Supreme Court proceedings seeking injunctions to protect confidential information, damages relating to misuse of position by employees for personal benefit, and damages for diversion of business opportunities away from the employer
  • Acted for a ‘high net worth’ individual in a dispute with a liquidator as to whether he was an employee or subcontractor, and thus simply an unsecured creditor or entitled to preferential treatment in the distribution of company assets to creditors
  • Defended Supreme Court proceedings against a former senior employee accused of setting up his own business whilst an employee, using his employer’s confidential information and diverting significant business opportunities away from his employer
  • Acted for an employer in District Court proceedings relating to a ‘fall from height’ workplace injury, including a related dispute with an insurer in respect of contribution to workers compensation payments
  • Acted for an employer in unpaid entitlement claims by employees of a construction company
  • Acted for the defendant in a Supreme Court action by an employer against a former employee for return of confidential information and an injunction restrainig the use of confidential information
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